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Dr. Daniel Possley takes care of back pains and spinal disorders for patients and related problems.

Due to many years of experience in treating spinal cord-related health complications, we are confident to treat chronic pain to the least such as muscle pull and neck pain. We aim to ensure that all our patients receive the best spine care and can go back to their normal lives before the onset of spine pain.

We ensure to serve all manner of spinal complications in patients. So don’t allow yourself to suffer from back pain when we can provide the treatment options needed to relieve pain at our medical center.

Contact us, and we can schedule your visit as soon as possible for our spine services treatments. You can also reach us without hesitation in case of spinal nerve emergencies. Just remember that getting help means less pain, if not an end to it.

Do not normalize back pain as it will prove to be deadly in the long run. Seek immediate help from our qualified multidisciplinary team of doctors who will offer the correct treatment, including the minimally invasive techniques.

We will conduct initial dialysis to assess your condition before proposing a treatment program with your referring physician. Depending on your back and neck pain severity, you may be referred for physical therapy, routine modification, use of spinal cord stimulators, and anti-inflammatory cures or surgery.

What Causes Neck And Back Pain

From the National Institute of health research findings, the majority of the populations in the US experience pain from spine-related conditions quite often. You do not need to panic if you are also suffering from it, as back pains often heal in weeks to months with or without treatment.

Since back pains are a common experience among people, what could be the cause?

Lower back pain is usually caused by the sprain and strain of the lumbar muscle in the lower back. The lumbar and cervical spine in a human body plays an important function to facilitate twisting, movement, and bending of the body. 

A strain in the lumbar is triggered by over-stretching of the fibers in the muscles. While a sprain in the lumbar results from the overstretching of the ligaments that bind the bones. The spraining and strains of the lumbar muscle cause inflammations in the spinal canal, leading to back neck pains. 

Usually, such pain does not call for surgery but rather a non-surgical diagnosis in a patient.

Extreme cases of spinal pain affecting other parts of the body like the rib cage, arms, and legs will require surgery. A surgical procedure also helps to relieve pressure on the spinal cord. Usually, diagnostic testing is carried out using the latest technology before resolving to surgery.

Other Signs For Extreme Spine Pain

  • A stiff lower back with restricted movements
  • Persistent pain for more than two weeks
  • Inability to walk on heels or even tiptoe
  • Inhibited normal posture
  • Muscle spasms

If the doctors discover that the pain is still persistent during the diagnostic testing, spinal disc injury is rendered an irrelevant cause of the pain. Therefore, other procedures will need to be administered, including an X-ray, MRI(magnetic resonance imaging), CT scan, and electromyography, also known as nerve conduction velocity testing for a lumbar spinal fusion.

Non-surgical treatment for spine pain management range from patients taking bed rest for a stipulated period to reduced activity. This can be between two to three days. 

The rest period is usually short as longer periods of inactivity could lead to further muscle stiffness, discomfort, and more pain. Our physicians will support you through the period and give proper directions if occupational therapy is required.

Before deciding to take a spine surgery procedure, it’s advisable to seek a second opinion from another orthopedics expert. Our spinal experts at Dr. Possely medical center will provide you with reliable information needed before taking on the surgical way. 

In addition, we will provide you with a recovery plan which entails all the procedures that will be carried out towards your recovery. Among the procedures that we perform are the anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.

We have all the medical experts needed to handle any spine disorders and spine surgery to full recovery. We also have more space for handling extreme spinal complications and herniated discs among patients, including emergencies.

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